Silverquill Statement Upgrade Guide

Silverquill Statement commander edh

Welcome to the Nitpicking Nerds Precon Upgrade Guide for the Silverquill Statement deck, where we cut the chaff and supercharge precon decks! This time around, we’re looking to transform this deck into a political powerhouse.

When upgrading any Commander precon, it’s important to adhere pretty closely to this simple checklist:

  • Focus on the strengths of your commander.
  • Stick to one main strategy to avoid having an unfocused final product.
  • Cut the cards that belong to other strategies altogether.
  • Increase the deck’s overall power by including win conditions that don’t rely solely on combat.

This deck’s game plan is going to revolve around a true midrange strategy: grind opponents out with fantastic removal and use Breena to create favorable combat steps and push through continuous damage against opponents.

Before we can go about adding cards though, we have to make plenty of room for them, and there are always a handful of cards that fall into a miscellaneous category that don’t fit in very well with the deck’s overall game plan.

This deck also contains a pile of political cards, and while thematic, they can be improved upon.

  • Ghostly Prison and Windborn Muse get cut from almost every Nitpicking Nerds deck, and even though this deck loves politics and forcing opponents to make tough decisions, these cards still don’t help out enough, and mostly provide easy choices. Sometimes opponents can ignore them completely. Nils, Discipline Enforcer is actually worse than these cards, so he comes out as well.
  • Hunted Lammasu, Scholarship Sponsor, and Spectral Searchlight don’t do much besides hand out free resources, and they take up valuable deck space. Keen Duelist falls into a similar category, where it hands out too many free cards, putting us behind.
  • Incarnation Technique is made for a reanimation deck, and it’s easier to cut it than to try and build around it. Guardian Archon and Teysa, Envoy of Ghosts have cool effects but are too costly to get onto the battlefield.

The last thing to look at for nonland cards is the bread and butter of Commander decks: the ramp, removal, and card draw.

Finally, it’s time to free up some land spots! This deck had a whopping 40 lands in it, so our overall count will be lower when this is all said and done.

Now to add some amazing cards and really flesh out the themes of this deck, starting with the political theme.

  • Court of Grace and Archon of Coronation will introduce the monarchy into the game, which creates incentive for players to attack each other, which is exactly what Breena wants to happen. Crown of Doom accomplishes this as well, and it even sucks up mana from opponents when they give it away to each other.
  • With the monarch token flying around and more attacking happening, we need creatures that can reliably get through defenses. Dauthi Voidwalker, Nether Traitor, and Changeling Outcast wear +1/+1 counters very well, and will always connect.
  • Bladegriff Prototype is an interesting card, since each trigger seems beneficial for the table, while overall, the card heavily benefits you. It will often overstay its welcome and cause some damage.
  • Benevolent Offering can bolster your life total and create evasive tokens that attack quite well, and to help keep Breena out long enough to keep handing out counters, Lightning Greaves is here. Interestingly enough, Breena’s ability doesn’t target, so she can place counters on shrouded creatures.

Next, we wanted to include a few cards that get better the more +1/+1 counters they have, so we can snowball our advantage with Breena out.

Next, let’s see how much awesome ramp, removal, and card draw can fit into our remaining slots.

Finally: the land upgrades!

That concludes our upgrade guide for Silverquill Statement! Make sure to take advantage of Breena, the Demagogue at every opportunity, and use your massive removal arsenal to stay ahead as you crash in with giant creatures to achieve victory!

The Nitpicking Nerds are two Commander-loving best friends who make awesome Youtube videos. Every fiber of their being is committed to helping people power up their decks, gain percentage points, and have more fun playing the best format in the world!