Spellify - The New Magic Word Game

Wordle is a word game that took the internet by storm in 2021. The easy-to-play but hard-to-master word game brought us all in. Your social media feed was probably littered with those green and yellow boxes every time your friends shared their results. The internet loves an accessible and easy-to-understand word game, especially players of Magic: The Gathering. Several options have come along but none have mimicked one of the first word games we ever learned how to play: hangman.

Until now.

Spellify has come as Magic's first hangman style word game for everyone. Using a similar structure, players are able to guess the card displayed across Magic's history. If you ever wished you could play hangman with Magic cards, now's your chance.

Spellify Rules

The rules for good word games are simple and Spellify is just that. Every Magic player can play, whether you're new to the game or Pro Tour hall of famers.

rules for how to play spellify in list format

There are four simple rules to Spellify:

  1. You guess the card name usings letters, numbers and symbols(like the tap symbol or mana symbols)
  2. If you guess a correct character, the letter shows up on the card and card name
  3. When you're ready, you can hit the "guess card," button to try and guess the complete name
  4. You only have 13 chances to guess the name counting letters and your final card name guess


spellify keyboard layout with alphabet


The keyboard for Spellify is a little different due to the unique needs of a Magic word game. You'll see your regular alphabet offered along with your symbols and numbers under a special character keyboard offering everything you'll need for every Magic card.

spellify keyboard layout with mana symbols


However you think you'll guess the card, Spellify has a way for you to plug it in. Even if the card happens to be a compleated planeswalker with regular and Phyrexian mana symbols, you have everything you need to get guessing with this Magic-based word puzzle.

Share Your Success

Once you get into your groove with your guesses and get a streak going, make sure to share it with your friends! Spellify already has a way to share directly to social media once you finish the days card built in. You can post directly to Twitter/X or copy your results to your clipboard to share directly to your friends.


spellify statistics screenshot showing personal results


Spellify has already caught the eyes of some high profile names in the Magic: The Gathering sphere as well, including vice president of Magic design, Aaron Forsythe. Spellify has players from all across the community, whether you're Wizards of the Coast staff or a more casual player.

Let us know what you think of Spellify! You can get to it by clicking the link at the top of the Commander's Herald home menu or by searching for Spellify in your browser. New card prompts are loading every day, so make sure to check in so you don't miss a day!

Play Spellify Now

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