SplitSecond - #08 Najeela, Kess, Tasigur, Urza - cEDH Gameplay + Giveaway announcement

Najeela Fish-Hulk, Consultation Kess, Tasigur Fish-Hulk, Urza Powered-Scepter

★★★ About the giveaway: The raffle will be done on March 15 at 15h15 +0GMT, and it will be screened live on Discord. All Patreon pledges up until that day are eligible. All tiers will be considered equally. We will be convering the shipping fees.
The winner will be Directly Messaged on Discord and announced in our General chatroom.★★★

❂ This week we decided to play a pod filled with considered top-tier decks.
❂ Sequeira brought his take on TheWombatofCombat's Najeela Oracle Hulk deck.
❂ Our friend João Cardoso joined us again with his take on Consultation Kess.
❂ David Lopes tried some changes on Cinestra's Golden Control list.
❂ And Baal wanted to try out a take on several lists of Powered Scepter Urza.

❂ Decklists - https://tinyurl.com/rr8rmla

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