SplitSecond - #58 Muldrotha, Kemba, Gavi, Alesha - EDH Gameplay

This week we receive Affinity for Commander for some EDH games.
Alex and Martin join us for 2 matches. The second one will showcase in their channel!

❂ Alex is on his Muldrotha, the cute Slime
❂ Baal brought his ol' Kemba equipments deck
❂ Martin is piloting a "cyclist" Gavi
❂ David pulled his take for an Alesha combo

⬊ Decklists ⬋
➢ Muldrotha - https://tinyurl.com/3p4nkkzn
➢ Kemba - https://tinyurl.com/85pzxtby
➢ Gavi - https://tinyurl.com/k34tkj4c
➢ Alesha - https://tinyurl.com/v5ewyek

▷ Affinity for Commander ◁
Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/AffinityForCommander/
Twitter - https://twitter.com/ForCommander

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➥Intro & Outro Music from Patrick de Orteaga (https://patrickdearteaga.com​)
➥Gameplay Music from Benjamin Tissot (https://www.bensound.com​)
➥Sample video from 2010 - Clash of the Titans (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0800320/)

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