SplitSecond - #59 Breya, Yidris, Zaxara, Vadrok - cEDH Gameplay

1 year Patron celebrant joins us for a match!
Cabargas Joined us for a match to celebrate his 1 year of Patron support to the channel ☺️

❂ Leite is on Nyubai’s Breya list
❂ Cabargas brought his own Yidris Storm
❂ David is piloting Mateus Nogueira's Freed Zaxara
❂ Baal is on a patron requested Vadrok, Apex of the Tide from Amaterasu

⬊ Decklists ⬋
➢ Breya - https://tinyurl.com/k8whmjr8
➢ Yidris - https://tinyurl.com/37c5pf8f
➢ Zaxara - https://tinyurl.com/da5t4eyx
➢ Vadrok - https://tinyurl.com/84xdtarn

▷ Cabargas ◁
➥ twitter.com/juanpintoduran
➥ instagram.com/juanpintoduran
➥ moxfield.com/users/cabargas

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➥ https://tier1mtg.dk/en/events/tier1-con-cedh-webcam-series/

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