Dual Shot - Divine Meditation

Epic Experiment - Kalemne Angel Tribal

Kalemne isn't the best experience counter commander, but maybe some Angels can save her!

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Dijital Llama - COMMANDER | Aurelia the Warleader - Angel Tribal | DECK TECH + GAMEPLAY | MtG

Aurelia the Warleader leads this host of Angels in a fun Boros tribal Commander deck tech! As you'd expect there's tons of angels, plenty of shenanigans, and the infamous Helm of the Host combo! Thanks for watching! PATREON You can help support the channel to grow bigger and better https://patreon.com/dijitalllama ARCANE CARDS The channel is […]

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Uncommonders - Updating Radiant's Flock

Radiant as the Sun Hello again, friends and readers! My name is Seth Cross, but you can call me DM, and I am very excited to bring you another installment of Uncommonders! This series was inspired by the 20 legendary creatures from┬áDominaria┬áprinted at the uncommon rarity, as opposed to the usual rare or mythic rare. […]

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