Aristocards – MTG Commander EDH Gameplay – Omnath, Verazol, Yasharn & Moraug

The Baron joins the table with @Affinity For Commander for a rousing game of Commander / EDH featuring Legendary Creatures from the Zendikar Rising set. #EDH #Commander #Aristocards

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Aristocards – MTG Jeweled Lotus Review Commander Legends Spoiler EDH – Aristocards

The Baron interviews professional game designer, Dan Felder, about the controversial Jeweled Lotus from Commander Legends. Is it as good as it looks? Is it a well-designed card? Should you buy one?

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Aristocards – MTG Consecrated Sphinx Commander / EDH Secret Lair 2020 – Aristocards – The Internet Is Wrong

Before you buy the MTG Secret Lair Extra Life 2020 to get the Consecrated Sphinx, consider if your Commander / EDH deck can actually support this powerful creature properly. In addition, there are more creature cards that show the internet is wrong in their vast popularity. #MTG #SecretLair #Aristocards

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Aristocards – MTG Obuun, Mul Daya Ancestor Deck Tech Commander EDH – The Internet Is Wrong

The Legendary Creature of Obuun, Mul Daya Ancestor, can make for a fun #MTG #Commander but don’t get trapped into thinking that this is a landfall deck. Watch the video and then checkout the full #EDH decklist:

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Aristocards – MTG Yasharn, Implacable Earth Deck Tech, Commander / EDH Zendikar Rising 2020 – Aristocards

Yasharn, Implacable Earth is a new Legendary Creature in #ZendikarRising that is quite possibly the best Selesnya (Green/White) Commander in the #MTG EDH format. #Aristocards illustrates the power of this “hate boar”. Full decklist:

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Aristocards – MTG ULTIMATE GUIDE to Foil Basic Lands in Commander / EDH

Do you want to upgrade your deck by upgrading all your basic lands to foils in your Commander deck? This guide will review 50 sets (once standard legal) in the history of Magic The Gathering to discover the best foil basic lands for your decks. Special guests, The Nitpicking Nerds and Affinity for Commander, also […]

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Aristocards – MTG Zaxara, the Exemplary Deck Tech Commander 2020 / EDH

Zaxara, The Exemplary is a new #MTG Legendary Creature coming in #Commander 2020. He grants cards with X in the mana cost the ability to create Hydra tokens and an easy ability to generate infinite mana that I’m excited about for this deck tech here on #Aristocards. The full decklist:

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Aristocards – MTG Obosh, The Preypiercer Companion Deck Tech Commander / EDH from IKORIA Lair of Behemoths

Obosh, the Preypiercer is a new #MTG Legendary Creature coming in #Ikoria Lair of Behemoths and has the new Companion mechanic. He brings double damage in you back pocket and helps several other Commanders significantly in this spotlight here on #Aristocards .

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Aristocards – MTG Nethroi, Apex of Death Deck Tech Commander / EDH Biollante – IKORIA Lair of Behemoths

Nethroi, Apex of Death is a new #MTG Legendary Creature coming in #Ikoria Lair of Behemoths and has an alternate card of Biollante, Plant Beast Form. He brings back mass graveyard retrieval in a big and new way that I’m excited about for this deck tech here on #Aristocards.

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Aristocards – MTG: Tuvasa the Sunlit Deck Tech Commander / EDH Bant Stax – Aristocards

Tuvasa the Sunlit is a Legendary Creature from the #MTG Commander 2018 box set and a powerful #EDH Commander with a lot of versatility. The Baron details how to control the board and finish with a big splash here on #Aristocards.

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