The Command Zone E208 — Jodah Brawl Deck Tech

Purchase our first ever Game Knights themed playmat AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY: ---------- Show Notes: On this episode we're going in-depth on the Jodah, Archmage Eternal Brawl deck that Jimmy played on the latest episode of Game Knights. Find out what makes it so explosive! ---------- Support us directly, be a part […]

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The Trinisphere — Is Brawl the future of EDH?

This episode, the Trinisphere discusses the implications of Wizards' new format and the future of EDH.

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The Command Zone E204 — Is the Brawl Format Good? +Dominaria Preview

Support the show and become a Patron! Be a part of our community, receive awesome rewards, and more: ---------- Show Notes: We're unveiling a new legendary creature from Dominaria PLUS having an in-depth discussion on the new Brawl format (recently announced by WotC) based on our experience from trying it out. Will Brawl be […]

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Announcing EDHREC For Brawl

It’s that time again EDH fans! I hope you’re ready for more earth shattering news, because what I’m about to tell you will do just that. As most of you likely know, our cardboard overlords at Wizards of the Coast dropped a new variant of EDH on us titled “Brawl”. For those of you that […]

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Let's Brawl — Day Zero Primer

The dawn of a new format has arrived, and we don’t yet have the tools to solve it. With EDHREC supporting Brawl with full functionality there was a need to create articles that sift through the information. Understanding a format takes time. The announcement was less than a week ago as I write this article. […]

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Commander Central E32 — Will Brawl Knock Out EDH?

This week Dana, Max and Chris get ready to Brawl. We discuss our views on new casual MTG format coming soon. Debate if it will make the cut or if its just another Tiny Leaders. Support us on Patreon: Subscribe on Youtube: Subscribe on iTunes: Follow us on Twitter: Feel free to […]

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Jumbo Commander — Braw: First Impressions & Five Decklists

A new format has been announced ... and it sounds suspiciously like Commander. I tell you about where I see Brawl going. I'll also take you through five different Brawl Decklists. I've been looking pretty closely at the format so let me know what you think in the comments. TappedOut Decklists: […]

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EDHREC News Update — Starting a "Brawl" With Your Buddies

BREAKING NEWS(kinda...): Wizards of the Coast announces new "Brawl," format starting with release of Dominaria, a new singleton format using Standard legal Cards. There, now that we got the "official," sounding stuff out of the way, welcome back to another news update at EDHREC. As you all may have seen recently, Wizards of the Coast […]

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Jolt — Brawl Deck Tech: Angrath, the Flame-Chained

MTGOTraders Channel: Decklist: Looking for a positive MTG group to join? Come join my Discord chat. Make some friends. Deck help, MTG chat, gaming, music, etc. Search "jolt539" in the deck search feature on to see all of my other decks.

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