Underground Sea - Underground Sea - EDH - Commander Legends 2019 Part One

Carrellata dedicata al nuovo Set Commander 2019, con particolare attenzione ad alcune delle Leggendarie introdotte nei mazzi precostruiti, illustrando meccaniche e strategie per un loro possibile utilizzo. Materiale: https://scryfall.com/sets/c19?order=spoiled Link Promo: http://bit.ly/2MUQqAc Merchandising: http://bit.ly/30UgKN9 Underground Sea รจ sponsorizzato da Daltenda.com Email: underground.sea67@gmail.com Musica: Rafaga de Dub by makina https://soundcloud.com/makinamakinamakina When I by Lonely Beats https://soundcloud.com/lnlybeats […]

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EDHRECast - Commander 2019 Preview Card!

Commander 2019 is almost here, and the EDHRECast is here to manifest a new and exciting free preview card from Wizards of the Coast!

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Dijital Llama - Commander 2019 Face Commander Cards Initial Reactions! | C19 MTG

Commander 2019 is less than a month away and we've just been shown the 4 Face Commander cards from the set. They're all quite awesome, but I'm especially excited for Ghired, Conclave Exile. Can't wait for more of the set to be spoiled! Thanks for watching! PATREON + KO-FI You can help support the channel […]

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