Do Your Worst - These Archetypes Aren't Actually the Worst Anymore (A 2022 Retrospective)

Extra Turns - Brutal Warhammer Beatdown | Extra Turns #28 | Magic: The Gathering Commander Gameplay

MARVEL SNAP - Global launch was on October 18th! Download the game right now using our link #sponsored #MarvelSnap ---------- Show Notes: We’re taking our favorite Warhammer 40K Commanders and building them from scratch for a showdown of galactic proportions. Staff Writer Jamie Block makes his Extra Turns debut against Jimmy, Jordan, and CAG […]

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The 600 - Predicting the Popularity of Warhammer 40k Commanders

Gemstone Mine - Celestine, Living Saint Beats -- Instant Brew!

There's a new quartet of Commander decks coming out, and some Commanders are getting more hype than others. As usual, John wants to look at one of the more overlooked legends in the set, and he's going to try to brew Celestine, Living Saint in a reasonable amount of time. Which in his mind usually […]

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