Ranking Every Battlecruiser Card (8 CMC+) with EDHREC – Part 7: A Truly Epic Article

MagicalHacker - Playing Old and Unpopular Commanders with my buddies [Commander]

Powered by Restream https://restream.io/ Today, I am joined by Billykillz, Xynamandias, and AetherMarmot for another stipulation game of Commander. This time, we are looking at commanders that are over 2 years old and have fewer than 500 decks on EDHREC. I went a little crazy with the challenge, going all the way back to the […]

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MTG Muddstah - Zurgo vs Brudiclad vs Scion vs Chorus EDH / CMDR game play for Magic: The Gathering

►You can support me through Patreon: http://bit.ly/2k6NJtf ►Like what you see? Why not subscribe: http://bit.ly/1MhSmfN ►New videos every Monday / Thursday at 11AM EST (Eastern Standard Time) ►Click here for affiliate link for TCGPlayer: http://bit.ly/2mQDnUd ►Here's my referral link for OMA: http://originalmagicart.store/mtgmuddstah Zurgo: https://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/zurgos-armory-3/ Chorus: https://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/songs-for-the-common-person/ Brudiclad: Scion: https://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/super-scion-iii/ ►Use the promotional code: MTGMUDDSTAH at […]

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One More Mana - Command Center #38 | Chorus of the Conclave | Magic: the Gathering EDH

Welcome MTG community to our channel, One More Mana. This is Command Center where discuss some of our favorite commanders in elder dragon highlander and some awesome synergies with those cards. If you enjoy the video please Support us on: https://Patreon.com/manasquad Follow us on Twitter: Tweets by ManaSquad Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/1MoreMana #EDH #MTG […]

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Andrew Jackson Highlander - Chorus of the Conclave

What Is Andrew Jackson Highlander? Welcome to Andrew Jackson Highlander! AJH is a series where I build and share $20 deck techs. This article is actually the first AJH post I did on reddit. I felt it was worthwhile to add my backlog of articles here and fortunately the EDHREC team did as well. With […]

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