ComedIan MTG - Pod King cEDH Deck Tech | Kenrith Birthing Pod Stax | ComedIan MTG

Hey Youtube! This week I'm breaking down a list I've been playing for quite some time and finally get to show off on the channel! Not only do I cover the deck and its lines but we have an entire Mulligan section to help you sculpt those game winning hands!!!! Today's Deck: Patreon: […]

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ComedIan MTG - Satoru Umezawa Live Brew with Higher from Playing With Power!!! | Kamigawa Neon Dynasty Spoiler |

Hey Youtube! We're Live Brewing Kamigawa Neon Dynastiy's Satoru Umezawa!!! Patreon: MTG ComedIan Discord: Twitter:

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ComedIan MTG - Secret Commander Lurrus | cEDH Deck Tech | Baby Blue Farm Tech | Stranger Things cEDH

Hey Youtube! This week we have a sick deck tech lined up covering Baby Blue Farm, a cEDH Lurrus Companion list. The deck is sweet and has a lot of unique options for the format. Check out the deck: The Budget Lists too!: Check out this sweet cEDH Patreon: MTG ComedIan […]

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ComedIan MTG - Best cEDH Decks Not On the DDB # 1: Armix Kraum | cEDH Deck Tech | Mikey's Hatebear Driveby

Hey Youtube! Today we show a fantastic cEDH list made by Mikey, one of my favorite people in the cEDH community. Here is today's fantastic list" Major thanks to Moxfield for sponsoring this one! Patreon: MTG ComedIan Discord: Twitter:

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ComedIan MTG - cEDH Tournament Grinder Reviews; Play To Wins' "Whose The Best Commander From Crimson Vow in cEDH"

Hey Youtube! Today our case study is some fantastic cEDH gameplay!!! Thanks to Play To Win for making amazing content and being kind enough to approve of these reviews 🙂 Fantastic cEDH Gameplay analysis awaits Original Video: Patreon: MTG ComedIan Discord: Twitter:

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ComedIan MTG - The Future of cEDH Gameplay?!?!? Nymris v Krark/Sakashima v Okaun/Zndrsplt v Edric | Team cEDH

Hey Youtube! Today we try something wild and show off some cEDH gameplay that shows what it's like to play cEDH with a teammate in your ear! This cEDH content has me super excited and I hope you get to enjoy the memeing as well as the analysis and thoughts behind each play. My decklist […]

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ComedIan MTG - Eruth cEDH Deck Tech | New Crimson Vow Commander!!!

Today I do a cEDH Deck Tech from one of the most exciting new legendary creatures out of Crimson Vow This newest MTG set has some cool legends but Eruth has really captured my attention. Enjoy! Patreon: MTG ComedIan Discord: Twitter:

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ComedIan MTG - cEDH Gameplay | Kinnan v Malcolm/Keddiss v Kinnan v Yuriko | Nexus 2 Color League

Today's gameplay is 2c League gameplay from the cEDH Nexus! The spicy decks on display today and more can be found here: Patreon: MTG ComedIan Discord: Twitter:

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ComedIan MTG - The Definitive cEDH Winota Deck Tech and Mulligan Guide | Everything you need to to know to play!

Hey Youtube, Today's video is something long overdue on this channel. We have for you not only a deck tech but a mulligan guide for cEDH Winota. By the end of this video you will have all the tools in combination with prime examples of how to play this list in cEDH. Today's Deck: […]

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ComedIan MTG - Cat Tribal in cEDH? | Can Arahbo get there in cEDH? |

Hey All, Thanks to Patron Zenhu I get to take a wild ride in a super unique and fun deck! Hope people Enjoy!

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