Commander Cast E314 — Two for Ones for Everybody

This week we’re joined again by Mike from the wilds of Canada to talk some Commander Jr. – er, I mean “Brawl” – and our love for spot removal. Especially if that spot removal hits multiple spots at once. And be sure to check out the show notes on our homesite,…

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Commander Cast E313 — Best 25 Years of Magic part 3: Portal 2nd Age to Mercadian Masques

Portal #2 is soooo bad, but Mercadian Masques is full of Commander goodies, so that totally balances out, right? As a bonus, you also get to listen to us alternately talking smack & sugar about Masters 25 (SPOILER: Tree of Redemption is irredeemable, WotC). And be sure to check out this week’s show notes on […]

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Commander Cast E312 – Best 25 Years of Magic pt2 – Mirage

Part 2 of our soon-to-be long-running series on the best of 25 years of Magic – this week with more expensive things that ended up on the Reserved List. Sigh. Be sure to check out our show notes at our homesite,…

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Commander Cast E311 — Best 25 Years of Magic Part 1

Hop on the nostalgia train with us for part one of our “Best of 25 Years of Magic” series this week with the oldest of old-timey Magic tech. With Masters 25 coming out soon, Adam and Mark decided to set the flux capacitor for 1993 and revisit some of our favorite strategies and technologies from […]

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