New EDHREC Features - Tribes, Themes, & Colors Update

Tribes, Themes, Colors EDHREC recently added some new functionality to the tribes, themes, and colors pages, so to start off the new year, we'd like to give you a quick rundown on how to best use these new features! First, we'll talk about the "Related Info" block that cross-references popular combinations for decks that focus […]

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EDHREC TECH - Sid and Lude Make it Weird

  I played in a pod recently where my opponents were very new. I ran my most "casual" decks, and still won every game. I went home and pondered: "How to construct a deck that is well-built, still TRIES to win, but enables low-power opponents to play a fun, dynamic game, every time?" The answer, […]

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Pogobat Gaming - EDHREC Tech: "Hangry Vorinclex"

If you're a vorthos, check me on this, but I'm pretty sure that Vorinclex's backstory goes something like: Vorinclex got hungry, which made him mad, so he ate an entire forest, and then ate some expanses of land that weren't even his, and after all that he's still just as hungry, and just as mad. […]

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