The Nitpicking Nerds – Meme Card Tier List | Which Magic Memes are the Most Powerful?

We’re ranking the best Magic the Gathering Meme cards in a tier list! Use our Tcgplayer affiliate link to buy cards: The Nitpicking Nerds Discord is OPEN! Consider Supporting us via Patreon! Check out our Nitpicking Nerds MERCH and show your support: Check Joe Cherries out LIVE on Twitch Weekdays 10-4 […]

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Commander VS – Commander VS #220: Sen Triplets VS Fblthp VS Morophon VS Brimaz (Full Episode) | MTG Gameplay

Season: 21 | Episode: 7 It’s time for another episode of the fan-favorite Hidden Roles! The Crew has built their decks to complete random goals they’ve been assigned! More Magic: The Gathering Videos! – Commander VS: – VS Live!: – Flashback: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow […]

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The 600 – A Review of War of the Spark Predictions

Commander VS – Commander VS S18E6: Nylea VS Thassa VS Klothys VS Fblthp | EDH

More Magic: The Gathering Videos! – Commander VS: – VS Live!: – SCG Tour Archives: – Best of the SCG Tour: – Flashback: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow the SCG Tour on Twitter: The official YouTube Channel of Star City Games, the world’s […]

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Commander Central – 179 – Decks You Play Fblthp the Lost

Dana, Max and Chris are back for another Decks You Play. This week they go over patreon supporter Thom’s Fblthp, the Lost Mill deck. See how we help make some minor adjustments for a mill deck in some highly tuned metas. Thom’s Deck: TeeSpring Link for CMDR Central Apparel: Support us on Patreon: […]

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Affinity for Commander – EDH Gameplay – Episode 45: Atla Palani & Xenagos & Arcades VS Fblthp

◊ Support us on Patreon! ◊ Check out our merch store! ◊ Follow us on Twitter! ◊ Take a look at the deck lists! Atla – Failed to find… Xenagos – Failed to find… Arcades – Fblthp – Failed to find… ◊ Affinity for Commander is unofficial Fan Content permitted under […]

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Jolt539 – The EDH Lounge – Fblthp vs Storrev vs Niv Mizzet vs Massacre Girl

Welcome to the grindhouse EDH Lounge of War of the Spark! Join us as TribalKai from The eedi-H Channel becomes a born again dragon playing Niv-Mizzet. Muddstah is getting his generic killing on with Massacre Girl. Cardboard Confrontation is dredging life out of the loam and sowing some sweet Golgari value with Storrev. And last […]

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Siberian89 – MTGEDH Fblthp, il Disperso – Combo Budget + Ottimizzata – Commander Multi Deck Tech ITA

Fblthp, il Disperso (Fblthp, the Lost) mi ha fatto innamorare nello stesso istante in cui l’ho visto tra gli spoiler di La Guerra della Scintilla. Chi l’averebbe mai detto che sarebbe stato un comandante così forte? Per la playlist: Il video spiega velocemente la strategia del mazzo e il motivo dell’inclusione di alcune carte chiave. […]

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Jolt539 – Commander – Fblthp, the Lost vs Trostani, Selesnya’s Voice

Decklist: MTGOTraders // Be sure to check out MTGOTraders for all of your digital MTG needs! And! Cape Fear Games for any paper MTG needs! They’re the number one supporter of this channel! // Use coupon code “JOLT” to get 10% off your order and help the channel out! Custom playmats! Want […]

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War of the Spark Set Review – Blue