Pursuit of Knowledge - Gruul

Uncharacteristically, Gruul pursues some knowledge by using some gameplay data.

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Pursuit of Knowledge - Orzhov

Using gameplay data of Orzhov cards to create a deck for Athreos, God of Passage.

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Pursuit of Knowledge - Izzet

Using gameplay data to inform a Locust-filled Izzet brew.

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Pursuit of Knowledge - Simic

(Simic Guildgate | Art by Svetlin Velinov) Simic Surprises Today, in this fourth article of the Pursuit of Knowledge series, we will take a glance at the Command Zone gameplay data with a focus on Simic. I've ranked the various cards from the Command Zone gameplay data and grouped them in categories, and have created templates […]

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Pursuit of Knowledge - Rakdos

Rakuno, Rakdos, Raktres Barring decks with black and green in their color identity, the Command Zone found in their gameplay survey that decks with black and red in their color identity were the strongest. Although this extends to color combinations like Jund and Mardu, does this color pairing advantage translate to Rakdos? In this new […]

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Pursuit of Knowledge - Golgari

Deathly Data In the first article of this series, I presented a number of results regarding card effectiveness based on gameplay data from the Command Zone. What can be done with such data? Can we use this'information as a tool for deckbuilding? In this second installment of Pursuit of Knowledge, we will take a look […]

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Pursuit of Knowledge - Introduction

An Introduction to the Introduction My name is Martin Dubuc. I have been playing Magic since Fifth Dawn. For some obscure reason, I was drawn very early on to the multiplayer format, playing Emperor at drafts and free-for-all with friends. The first decks I created were 60-card decks with a multiplayer focus. When MTGO grew […]

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