[FR] Les Chroniques du Commander - ⚡⚡Commander Club ⚡⚡SPECIAL MODERN HORIZON 2 | ZABAZ vs SYTHIS vs GARTH vs CARTH

Bienvenue dans Commander Club ! Le club des joueurs de Commander Multi. Soirée spécial Modern Horizon 2 pour promouvoir la nouvelle édition. On espère que ça va vous plaire 🙂 Retrouvez la rediffusion du live de mardi dernier ! 00:00 : Intro & Présentation 07:16 : Baston !!! 1:12:49 : Débrief N'hésitez pas à rejoindre […]

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Modern Horizons 2 Set Review (Part One) | EDHRECast 166

Modern Horizons 2 is PACKED with Commander goodies - and even some busted new commanders! We're taking a look at the most impactful new cards from the set, starting with white, blue, black, and of course, those amazing new legendary creatures. Support the cast on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/edhrecast Check out our new custom altersleeves at https://www.altersleeves.com/content-creator/edhrecast […]

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The Nitpicking Nerds - Ranking Every MH2 Commander | Which Modern Horizons 2 Legends are the Best?

Modern Horizons 2 is here but who is the best commander from the set? Use our Tcgplayer affiliate link to buy cards: http://bit.ly/NitpickingNerdsTCG Come join our Discord community! https://discord.gg/RrfEBVd Consider Supporting us via Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/user?u=15711695 Follow us on Twitter: Twitter.com/NitpickingNerds

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Modern Horizons 2 Set Review - Gold

The 600 - Predicting the Popularity of Modern Horizons 2 Commanders

Game Knights - Post Malone Plays Magic The Gathering l Game Knights #45 l Commander Gameplay EDH

This video is sponsored by Wizards of the Coast. Become a Patron to support our content, receive awesome rewards, join our exclusive community and more! http://www.patreon.com/commandzone ---------- Show Notes: Posty's getting knighted! Singer-songwriter Post Malone joins Josh, Jimmy, and Ashlen for a crazy, unpredictable, and epic Magic: The Gathering Commander game featuring the new cards […]

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Commander Cookout - Modern Hoizons 2 Legendary Creature Set Review | CCO Podcast 248 | EDH | MtG | CMDR | MH2

This week, we take our first looks at Modern Horizons 2. We spend the day reviewing legendary creatures. Where do we see them landing? Which would we play as commanders? Which are better in the 99? Do we hard pass on any? Join us to hear all about it! Huge thank you to our sponsors, […]

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Jake and Joel are Magic - 5 Ways Modern Horizons II Changes Commander Forever

Support us on Patreon! https://bit.ly/326f4jC Shop TCG Player and support us: https://rb.gy/mv7lev Official Merch Store: https://bit.ly/3ss67hW In this video, Joel reviews some of his favorite cards from Modern Horizons II and talks about how the design of some of the best EDH cards in the set foretell what might be in the future for Commander […]

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Commander Mechanic - INFINITE BLACK LOTUS with Garth One-Eye 🛠 Commander Spoilers 🛠 Modern Horizons 2

#EDH #Commander #MTG Modern Horizon 2 spoilers are coming and we've had some of the first new cards revealed. We just saw the latest 5-color commander in Garth One-Eye who can make us a BLACK LOTUS! Learn how you can get your own Black Lotus in today's video! On Commander Mechanic we talk strategy, card […]

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