One More Mana - The Good, The Bad & The Meh of Commander 2020 | Magic: the Gathering EDH: Command Center #93

We reflect on what Commander players received throughout 2020. What did you like most during the year? Previous videos: Commander Legends Sleepers & Cool Cards Cool art from Commander Legends Buy your cards here TCGPlayer Affiliate Link: Shop here: Support us on: #mtg #kaldheim #commanderlegends

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Affinity for Commander - EDH Gameplay - Episode 66: Vadrok VS Feldon VS Heliod VS Anowon

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cEDH Cast - Heliod, the Sun-Crowned | Greedy Keeps!

On this episode of the cEDH Cast / Greedy Keeps, Braden sits down to discuss Heliod, Mono White, MDFCs, and more with Michael Levine, quite possibly the most successful cEDH tournament player of all time! Decklist: Patreon: Twitter: @cedhcast Discord: T-Shirts:

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MTG Muddstah - Kinnan vs Volrath vs Lathliss vs Heliod || Zirda vs Mairsil vs Winota vs Brokkos EDH / CMDR games

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SplitSecond - #26 Heliod, Azami, Thrasios & Bruse Tarl, Kenrith - cEDH Gameplay

Heliod, Sun-Crowned (staxy/combo); Azami, Lady of Scrolls (combo); Thrasios & Bruse Tarl(Blue-Pod); Kenrith, the Returned King (Thieves/combo) - cEDH Gameplay This week we received a special friend as guest, Daniel Laureano, who brought an old favourite of his, Azami combo. ❂ Sequeira, loving stax, brought his ol' Heliod's list ❂ Laureano (storm player) left Kess […]

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MTG Muddstah - Captain Sisay vs Kenrith vs Heliod, Sun-Crowned vs Thassa, Deep-Dwelling EDH / CMDR game play

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Playing With Power - Niv-Mizzet Control vs Heliod Stax vs Medium Green vs Fish Hulk - CEDH - Playing With Power

Decklists Heliod: Niv-Mizzet: Medium Green: Fish Hulk: Most Valuable Card: Get Merchandise Here! Get Access to our Discord, extra videos and more from Patreon! Follow Us on Social Media Twitter: Facebook: Tonight's episode is a fun one! Once per quarter, we invite all of our patrons […]

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Too Specific Top 10 - Counter-Intuitive

MaNa TuBe - Heliod, Sun-crowned I Consigli Costruttivi I MTG I Magic I Italia I MONOWHITE Mono Bianco Forte I

Ben tornati su Mana Tube, in questo video parleremo di Eliod come comandante e vedremo come svilupparlo in diverse Build. Se non avete ancora visto il nostro video Combo Mono White dateci un occhio che ne vale la pena Buona Visione #manatube #magicitalia #Monobianco --------------------------------------------------------------- Mana TuBe è un canale gestito da due amici […]

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CMDR Ninety Nine - Singleton Showdown: S2 E19 Magic the Gathering Online Commander / EDH Gameplay Theros Beyond

Our Singleton Showdown series is played with a pod of four online and a set of league rules. This play group invites for entertaining games while maintaining competitive aspects of the format. Join in as we play some Commander and talk about card choice, mtg news, the Commander format and other things. Theros Beyond Tolarian […]

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