Commander Cookout Ep 98 - Ravnica Allegiance Set Review

Hello and welcome to another very special episode of Commander Cookout Podcast. This week on CCO Podcast, the boys go deep on some their favorite, and least favorite, cards from the new set, Ravnica Allegiance! If you'd like to tell us your favorite cards or let us know any that we may have missed, get […]

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Commanders Brew Ep181 - Ravnica Allegiance Commander Set Review

Our Ravnica Allegiance set review is here! It's a long one so strap in for plenty of discussion on all the EDH relevant cards in the latest MTG expansion. Hit us up on Youtube or leave us a 5 star review on iTunes it helps a bunch! Check out the podcast audio version: We […]

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Legendary Creature Podcast - Ravnica Allegiance EDH Review

Ravnica nine! The review of the ninth Ravnica set! The ninth one that happened... the 8th Ravnica. S#!t, it's the ninth one... Alright, it's getting hard to keep track of how many sets have happened on Ravnica. But let's do this. Join Andy and Kyle as they explore the legendary creatures and other cards that […]

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