Call for Backup - Precon Primer

Playing With Power - Planechase CEDH - Competitive EDH - Patreon Special - Playing With Power MTG

Decklists Breya: Najeela: Korvold: Thrasios/Vial Smasher: Most Valuable Card: Our List of Planechase Cards: Get 10% off Orders $10 or more at Flipside Gaming Enter Promo Code "POWER" (all caps) Get Access to our Discord, extra videos and more from Patreon! Follow Us on Social Media Twitter: […]

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Affinity for Commander Ep20: Kangee VS Akiri & Silas Renn VS Feldon VS The Mimeoplasm

Welcome back to another Magic: the Gathering Commander / EDH gameplay video, brought to you by Affinity for Commander. Feel free to leave a comment below, and subscribe if you want to see more! *** Don't forget to vote in this year's MTG Content Creator Awards! We've been nominated for "Best Channel (Small Audience)" and […]

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Uncompetitive Spirit — Closing the book

It's time to put this series to a rest. At least for now. I do have some suggestions I want to mull over and test with my own playgroup which I might cover in the future. An example is the "EDH with Planeswalkers for commanders" variant, which I personally find extremely interesting. That said, it's […]

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Uncompetitive Spirit — Planechase EDH, part 2

Welcome readers to another edition of Uncompetitive Spirit! In my previous article, which you can find by following this link here: CLICK, I described the format of Planechase EDH, or at least the way my particular group plays it. From the comments below that article, and other feedback I received, it seems we're not alone […]

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Uncompetitive Spirit — Planechase EDH, part 1

Happy Holidays everyone! Hopefully you have some time off from school or work, and that you use this time off for some epic games of EDH with friends and family. Today, Uncompetitive Spirit brings you another way to mix things up - and make them games even more epic! I'm talking about mixing in another […]

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