MTG Muddstah - Pharika vs Syr Konrad vs Thrun vs Sidisi EDH / CMDR game play for Magic: The Gathering

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Jolt539 - Jolt - Commander - Kinnan, Bonder Prodigy vs Thrun, the Last Troll

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Siberian89 - Thrun, l'Ultimo Troll MTGEDH | voltron Aura + segnalini +1/+1 | Commander Multi Deck Tech ITA

Thrun, l'Ultimo Troll (Thrun the Last Troll) è talmente bravo ad autoproteggersi che non si può non pensare ad un mazzo Voltron... il divertente sarà giocare su come montare il nostro commanderone! Per la playlist: Il video spiega velocemente la strategia del mazzo e il motivo dell'inclusione di alcune carte chiave. Potete trovare ben due […]

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join us as Azz goes through his deck teck for his new favorite commander: Thrun, The Last Troll. It utilizes a Voltron gameplan that is all about smacking face with a big, beefy troll.

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60 to 100 - Estrid's Boggling Bant-chantress!

Mind "Bogle"-ing Greetings once again to all my friends (and to readers who aren't my friends)! Here we are in a post-Commander 2018 world where Wizards of the Coast gives us a whole set devoted only to our beloved highlander format. This week, we'll get a glimpse into what I've been jonesing to build for […]

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