NeoRoyal - (EDH) Surrak Vs Thraximundar Vs Vadrok Vs Lathril - Commander Gameplay Ep.95 (In person gameplay!)

Welcome to Ep.95 of Commander Gameplay! We are live from Proxy's Studio in Toronto playing in person commander! We got to meet in person after two years of online teamwork so it was really cool. I hope you enjoy. ProxyLab on Twitter : Tweets by lab_proxy Mr Bevers on Linktree : Chris, Your commander […]

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NeoRoyal - (EDH) Umbris Vs Vadrok Vs Carth the Lion Vs Noyan Dar - Gameplay Ep.76 with Fitz Andy and Mod Anon!

Welcome to Ep.76 of commander gameplay! For today's episode we edited an Arena of the Ancients stream with amazing guests. Hope you enjoy. You can find our amazing guests in the links below! Fitz's Twitter : Arena of the Ancients Stream : Mod's Twitter : Moderately Anonymous MTG on Youtube : […]

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MTG Muddstah - Vadrok vs Nicol Bolas vs Brothers Yamazaki vs Wulfgar EDH / CMDR game play for Magic: The Gathering

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NeoRoyal - (EDH) Eesha Vs Vadrok & Magda Vs Lathril Vs Auntie Wort - Commander Gameplay Ep.68 (Brandon & Sam!)

Welcome to Ep.68! Hope you enjoy 🙂 CMDR Crunch on Twitter : On Spotify : Create Commander on Twitter : On Youtube : Decklists (But now really) : Commander Eesha (Voltron, Aura & Enchantment Synergies) : Soon to be added Vadrok, Apex of Thunder (Dwarves, Vehicles, Magda, Jeska's Will) : […]

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NeoRoyal - (Commander Decktech) Vadrok, Apex of Thunder & Magda Brazen Outlaw - The Deck Vault Ep.5

Welcome to our first decktech in a very long time! Following the recommandation of my friend and patron Stéphane, I'm presenting to you my pride and joy, hidden commander Magda Brazen Outlaw with Vadrok Apex of Thunder as the commander! Of Dwarves and Boats Decklist : Watch Vadrok Gameplay! Ep.57 with Zach and MJ! […]

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NeoRoyal - (EDH) Ripley Vance Vs Yurlok Vs Vadrok Vs Sythis - Commander Gameplay Ep.57 (Ft. MJ & Zach!)

Welcome! On today's episode we are joined by MJ from the MTG in Quarantine Podcast and Zach from the Command Dudes! Make sure to check them out : MJ's Twitter : MTG in Quarantine Podcast : Zach's Twitter : The Command Dudes Channel : We are also featuring 2 brand new […]

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SplitSecond - #59 Breya, Yidris, Zaxara, Vadrok - cEDH Gameplay

1 year Patron celebrant joins us for a match! Cabargas Joined us for a match to celebrate his 1 year of Patron support to the channel ☺️ ❂ Leite is on Nyubai’s Breya list ❂ Cabargas brought his own Yidris Storm ❂ David is piloting Mateus Nogueira's Freed Zaxara ❂ Baal is on a patron […]

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The 600 - Reviewing Ikoria and Commander 2020 Commanders

NeoRoyal - (EDH) Vadrok Vs Akiri Vs Kykar Vs Atla Palani - Commander Gameplay Ep.46 (Feat. Mental Misplay!)

Welcome to episode 46 of commander gameplay! I'm very happy to welcome today Alan from the Mental Misplay Channel, ScoopPhase and Scoots in the House of Pricey Cardboard! All wonderful folks, usually playing cEDH have accepted my challenge to shuffle some optimized casual commander 🔥 Check them out on Twitter : Mental Misplay : Tweets […]

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NeoRoyal - (EDH) Kaalia Vs Chainer Vs Vadrok Vs Shirei - Commander Gameplay Ep.39 (Feat. ProxyLab & Sam!)

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to a very special episode in the House of Pricey Cardboard! It is time for the animations to get an upgrade and not a small one! During the last week, with the help of proxy, I redid the channel's logo, the win conditions animation, the starting hand animation and the outro. […]

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