Uncommonders - No Swole Snakes in this Forest!

Epic Experiment - Karona Warriors

Epic Preparations Good morning, EDHREC! I’m Bernardo Melibeu and this is The Epic Experiment, a series where we throw all common sense aside and experiment with some unusual cards, effectively changing how we normally build our deck. Is it going to work? Who knows?! We’re making science here. When you’re an Izzet mage, blowing things up […]

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Uncommonders — Legends Written in Silver

Oh, hello there! My name is Seth Cross, and a few months ago I finished my first and only series for EDHREC.com, “Replacement Commanders”. The series went over each of the two alternate legendary creatures from the four Commander 2017 decks in some fun and crazy ways. For the eighth article, I announced that I […]

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