The Commander Tavern - Math in EDH: Godhands | Barkeep Upkeep [S01E08]

Greetings, everyone! Welcome to The Commander Tavern! I am Demented Kirby and this is the 8th episode of one of the series on this channel, Barkeep Upkeep. This series hopes to open the floor up for discussion by using the comments section as a sort of forum for people to discuss the topics I discuss within. By no means do I expect these videos to be dogmatic; they're meant to be pragmatic. So I invite everyone to join in on the discussion in the comments and add your own opinions on the matter! You can also tweet me @CommanderTavern.

This episode is a kind of tutorial on how to determine the probability of winning with Turn 1 (or Turn 0) for decks that are able to. This is just one way probability can be used in Commander but for brevity's sake, I just kept it at godhands. If you have anything to add or any comments (or other spicy problems like Mons') let me know in the comments below!

Now that I mention Mons, this video was actually suggested by him. He has a great channel dedicated to cEDH and even though I'm not a cEDH player, his content is such that all Commander players can benefit from. You can find it here:

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