The Commander Tavern – Verazol, the Split Current | Midrange / Voltron – The Brewery [S04E22]

Greetings, everyone! Welcome to The Commander Tavern! I am Demented Kirby and this is the 22nd episode of the 4th season of one of the series on this channel, The Brewery. This series is all about brewing and deck techs – hopefully showcasing the spiciest of brews!

This episode of The Brewery is my take on Verazol, the Split Current. It’s a midrange deck that can win by going tall or going wide. It can generate insane amounts of mana as well as creating huge beaters. It also has enough responses to protect our wincons as well as prevent opponents from winning with theirs. If you want to see the complete decklist for this deck, you can find it at this link:

As always, thanks to all you viewers for your interest! Comment down below how else would you build around Verazol. You can also tweet me @CommanderTavern.



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