The Grisly Salvage

What’s up everybody! My name is Lanny but you can call me Jolt. I have a YouTube channel with a heavy focus on EDH game-play videos. Monday through Thursday is a rotation of EDH decks that I've already established, every other Friday I get out a new EDH deck tech and game-play videos. I like to keep it fun on my channel, especially with deck flavor. I want you to be a proud parishioner of the Church of Athreos, then turn around and wear your lucha mask when Brion Wrestlemania takes the stage! I keep all my decks sectioned off in my playlist section too; so if you're looking for any certain commander, head on over there.

Jolt Weekly Video Recap

Just a quick reminder, these are my videos from the previous week. If you want the most up-to-date commander content, be sure and subscribe to my channel.

The Obzedat, Ghost Council pays a visit to the church this week. Parishioners, please, be on the look out for the Little Athreos Achievers.

Hua Tuo and Teferi come over to party with the bears. We only ended up breaking three chairs, great party.

Mirror Universe and Armageddon Clock. Oh yeahhhhh.

Tymna and Ravos join Nekusar and I on our installment of Magic After Dark.
Battle for control of the Thieves' Guild. There's some nice theft in this video.

What to Watch

The Aether Revolt Pro Tour is going on this weekend. Coverage starts on Friday and ends on Sunday. The event is in Dublin, Ireland, so coverage in the U.S. should start around 4 AM EST. Let's see if the crazy cat lady Saheeli Rai can close the tournament out by throwing her Felidar Guardians everywhere.

Steam Link:

Star City Games Regionals

It's weekend warrior time! Grab your modern deck and check out Star City Games for the closest tournament to you. If you are new to tournament Magic, this is a great place to begin. SCG Regionals are a step above Friday Night Magic and a step below a SCG Open or a Grand Prix.

Format: Modern


Community Spotlight

If you’re looking for some fun modern content to mix into your MTG entertainment, check out Giant Monster Games. He puts out a new deck every other Friday and has some pretty fun brews. Rakdos Burning Hand and his Merfolk Control are pretty sweet, be sure and check those out.



RoboRosewater Card of the Week

My Yidris storm deck is salivating at the mouth on this one.


Lanny (Jolt) is a huge fan of EDH and Modern. He makes daily MTG game-play videos for his channel. He would describe his play style as "Sultai" and doesn't understand why anyone else would play other colors.

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