The Mana Confluence - Qwerty on His Mr. Beast Video, Bad Thumbnails, and Growing Channels | Confluence Conversations Ep. 1

Have you ever thought about starting a YouTube Channel, or do you have one and you're struggling? Me too, so today I'm joined by Qwerty to discuss all things YouTube and Magic: the Gathering! We're glad you're here!

Chapters/ Topics:
Start of Conversation: 0:40
Is YouTube Set Up for Sucess with Smaller Creators? 2:16
Oversaturation/Differentiation: 4:30
'Getting Going' on YouTube: 6:30
The Command Zone (Production, Business Model, Cultural Impact, Thumbnails): 16:15
How Much Growth Magic Content Can Have + Griffin's New Channel: 19:29
Creator's Work Life Balance: 22:50
Tips for Small Creators: 24:59
What the Future of YouTube Looks Like: 31:10
Qwerty's Mr. Beast Video and Good Video Ideas: 31:59
You Heard it Here; Griffin Will be a Big YouTuber: 34:41
Solving YouTube, and the Role of Thumbnails, How Magic Creators Can Make Their Thumbnails Better: 35:33
The Compatibility of MTG Content and Mainstream YouTube Success Formulas: 40:24
Summary 42:13
Wrap-Up and Favorite MTG Card: 42:57

Links! (In Order of Appearance)
Commander Quest YT Channel:
Qwerty YT Channel:
Blue Ocean Strategy:
$50 Budget Commander Game:
Jayalto's Thumbnail Guide: