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Many Magic the gathering players ask the question: is it worth it to buy a commander 2017 preconstructed deck?

Commander Precons have long been one better products made for Magic: The Gathering, allowing an easy and affordable entry point to the format. But with 2017, the established pattern has changed somewhat, offering 4 decks instead of the usual 5, and with a differing number of mana colors between them.

So are these still excellent for players new and old, or has this break in pattern made it so that one or more of this year’s decks are significantly less worth it than the others? Let’s take a look!

A Commander 2017 preconstructed deck contains the following: 1 oversized foil card or that deck’s primary commander. 3 premium foils of each commander options, 10 double faced tokens, and of course a complete 100 card commander deck of which those 3 premium commanders are a part of.

Now, grades this year will be different, because one of these three decks has some unfortunate issues which I will get to in just a moment, but let’s start with what all of these share:

Commander Preconstructed decks allow you to play Commander right out of the box. You can purchase any of these from 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, any single deck for 34.99 and without adding a single card to it sit down and play commander with a group of friends regardless of your level or theirs.

So if you’ve got three other friends with their own playgroup, where each has their built from scratch and refined commander decks and you want to join them for game night, yes you can with one of these. No promise that you will win but you will get to play and put up a good fight. I will never forget when I lost against 3 out of the box precons with my super competitive Teysa combo deck.

Or if you don’t have a Commander playgroup you and your friends can start one just by buying one of these each. Again, sitting down to play right out of the box or swapping out cards for fun ones you already have in your collection is all doable here. Buy Vampiric Bloodlust and swap in your precious Drana Liberated and Sorin Markov. Commander is a format defined simply as play fun cards you love, after all, and again, right out of the box for 34.99.

That is our starting point, ladies and gentleman. What I just said in not the final conclusion, but rather where we begin. There’s a a lot more that can be said of these, a lot more that makes these great in addition to all that.

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