The Reaver Cleaver + Aggravated Assault

The Reaver Cleaver
Aggravated Assault

All permanents on the battlefield. The Reaver Cleaver attached to a creature with power five or greater that can attack this turn. An opponent is unable to block the creature with The Reaver Cleaver attached.
  1. Deal combat damage to a player with the creature that has The Reaver Cleaver attached
  2. The creature triggers, creating at least six Treasure tokens
  3. Move to your postcombat main phase
  4. Activate five Treasure tokens by tapping and sacrificing them, adding 3rr
  5. Activate Aggravated Assault by paying 3rr, untapping all creatures you control and causing you to get an additional combat and main phase after this one
  6. Repeat
Infinite combat phases. Infinite combat damage. Infinite Treasure tokens. Infinite colored mana. Infinite untap of creatures you control.