Rionya, Fire Dancer + Scourge of the Throne

Rionya, Fire Dancer
Scourge of the Throne

All permanents on the battlefield. Your life total is at most five. You have the lowest life total or are tied for the lowest life total.
  1. At the beginning of your combat phase, Rionya triggers, creating at least one token copy of Scourge of the Throne with haste
  2. Declare a Scourge of the Throne token as an attacker, attacking the opponent with the most life or an opponent that is tied for the most life
  3. The Scourge of the Throne token's first and second abilities trigger
  4. Resolve the first trigger, giving the token +1/+1 until end of turn
  5. Resolve the second trigger, causing you to untap all attacking creatures and to get an additional combat phase after this one
  6. Repeat each combat phase
Infinite combat phases. Infinite creature tokens with haste. Infinite ETB. Infinite LTB.