Peregrine Drake + Archaeomancer + Displace

Peregrine Drake

Displace in hand. All permanents on the battlefield. You control up to five lands that can tap to produce at least 2u.
  1. Activate up to five lands by tapping them, adding 2u
  2. Cast Displace by paying 2u, blinking Archaeomancer and Peregrine Drake
  3. When Peregrine Drake and Archaeomancer enter the battlefield, they trigger
  4. Resolve the Peregrine Drake trigger, untapping up to five lands you control
  5. Resolve the Archaeomancer trigger, returning Displace to your hand from your graveyard
  6. Repeat
Infinite mana lands you control can produce. Infinite ETB. Infinite LTB. Infinite storm count. Infinite magecraft triggers. Infinite blinking. Infinite untap of lands you control.