Dockside Extortionist + Barrin, Master Wizard

Dockside Extortionist
Barrin, Master Wizard

Dockside Extortionist in hand. Barrin on the battlefield. Your opponents control at least six artifacts and/or enchantments. 1r available.
  1. Cast Dockside Extortionist by paying 1r
  2. Dockside Extortionist enters the battlefield, creating at least six Treasure tokens
  3. Activate four Treasure tokens by tapping and sacrificing those, adding r and three mana of any color
  4. Activate Barrin by paying 2 and sacrificing a Treasure token, returning Dockside Extortionist to hand
  5. Repeat
Infinite ETB. Infinite colored mana. Infinite storm count. Infinite sacrifice triggers. Infinite Treasure tokens.