Village Bell-Ringer + Deadeye Navigator

Village Bell-Ringer
Deadeye Navigator

All permanents on the battlefield. Deadeye Navigator paired with Village Bell-Ringer. Creatures you control can tap to produce at least 2u.
  1. Activate all mana-producing creatures you control by tapping them, adding at least 2u
  2. Activate VIllage Bell-Ringer by paying 1u, blinking itself
  3. Village Bell-Ringer enters the battlefield, triggering itself and Deadeye Navigator
  4. Resolve the Village Bell-Ringer trigger, untapping all creatures you control
  5. Resolve the Deadeye Navigator trigger, repairing it and Village Bell-Ringer
  6. Repeat
  7. Once you have infinite mana, you may use Deadeye Navigator's abilities to blink any number of creatures you control any number of times
Infinite mana creatures you control can produce. Infinite ETB. Infinite LTB. Infinite untap of creatures you control. Infinite blinking.