Announcing EDHRECast!


We love that we have a great group of dedicated readers and users of EDHREC both as a deck-building resource and source for original EDH written content. We're constantly striving to expand our offerings and give you more of what you want and with that in mind, I'm proud to announce the latest project from EDHREC - EDHRECast.

EDHRECast is a weekly Magic: the Gathering podcast that will focus on using EDHREC as a resource to help you get the most out of the site by helping to contextualize some of the raw data, point out potential pitfalls and help you use some of the advanced features to find cards right for your decks that might not have appeared in the initial reports. Make no mistake - this is far from a TED talk about our website, however; this is an entertaining podcast where learning is almost incidental. EDHRECast isn't out to replace anyone else's podcast in your listening rotation but rather serve as a great complement to the EDH podcasts you already know and love. EDHRECast distinguishes itself from the group of existing EDH podcasts by focusing on EDHREC data and what it can tell us about how to plan, build and play our decks but a mix of new and veteran casters and a ready group of excellent guest casters already lined up to participate ensures that EDHRECast will provide a lot of new value without sacrificing any of the fundamentals of podcasting that have caused you to become so fond of the 'casts you already enjoy.

EDHRECast has no paywall or Patreon planned and you can listen to it here for free as well and soon you'll be able to find it on iTunes, stitcher, MTGCast and everywhere else you download and enjoy podcasts. Thanks for giving us a try and make sure to tell your friends, the people in your EDH playgroup and anyone who will listen about your favorite new podcast. Feedback is appreciated.

Once again, I'd like to thank all of you for being the best group of readers on the internet and it's our sincere hope that we will turn some of you into listeners and maybe even watchers someday soon. Check out the first episode of the cast below - there's even a special guest host you may recognize if you listen to a lot of podcasts. We hope you'll join writers Matt Morgan, Dana Roach and Joseph Schultz every week for another exciting and educational installment. Thanks, everyone!

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