Strixhaven Set Review – Silverquill and White

Kaldheim Set Review – White

Commander Legends Set Review – Black

Throne of Eldraine Set Review – White

Archidekt and EDHREC Announce Partnership

This was originally published at Archidekt on April 8th, 2019 The Archidekt team is excited to officially announce our partnership with EDHREC! tl;dr If this is your first time on Archidekt, hit up our home page to view decks or try out our deck editor. You can now view EDHRECs for your current deck directly […]

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Announcing EDHRECast!

Readers! We love that we have a great group of dedicated readers and users of EDHREC both as a deck-building resource and source for original EDH written content. We’re constantly striving to expand our offerings and give you more of what you want and with that in mind, I’m proud to announce the latest project […]

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The Tribes of Ixalan — A Primer

Welcome to the EDHREC primer about the tribes of Ixalan. Ixalan is a magical land where dinosaurs roam the earth and pirates rule the high seas. There’s buried treasure, some new Planeswalker friends and the Standard format gives us the opportunity to have dinosaurs crew flying vehicles, making my childhood wishes all come true. Breaking […]

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EDHREC Spoiler Coverage — WIZARDS

Remember? The guy from that commercial? When he was all like “WIZARD!”? Remember commercials before Netflix and AdBlock? It’s no coincidence that I’m bringing that up because I want to talk about WIZARDS today and I’m capitalizing every letter in the word because, have you seen the Wizards in this deck? Every new card is […]

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Hour of Devastation EDH Review — Red

You read this byline correctly, it is I, Jason Alt, long-time behind-the-scenes manager of content on this site, contributing a piece to EDHREC. And why not? Our other authors writing an EDH review of the cards in Hour of Devastation looked like so much fun that I had to try it for myself. I chose […]

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EDHREC on the Commanderin’ Podcast

Donald was a guest on the Commanderin’ Podcast on 7/17/16. Check out the full episode at this link.   Our Eternal Masters contest details are here: Donald Miner, owner and programmer of EDHREC.COM, comes commanderin’ to talk about his web site. We talk about how this useful came to be, and take a peek […]

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