Budget Odric, Master Tactician — EDH / Commander - SOLDIER TRIBA

What can be more fun than commanding an army of soldiers, enhancing their abilities and removing your opponents' threats with scalpel like precision? This Odric, Master Tactician deck does just that! The best part? Other than the commander, all cards are under a dollar!

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Budget MTG Decks All magic fun, all cards under a dollar We here at Budget MTG Decks love playing constructed Magic: the Gathering! Whether it’s EDH / Commander, standard or modern, duel or multiplayer, we can’t get enough of it.

Our vision of MTG is a game which encourages strategic thinking, social interaction and above all…fun! To make this accessible to everyone we decided to lower the two largest barriers which people encounter with this game: 1: Cost of building a Magic deck. 2: Complexity of building a Magic deck.

Our mission at Budget MTG Decks is to provide full deck tech videos describing ready to play EDH / Commander and duel decks. With in depth commentary on each card and overall play style. To make sure the decks are truly budget we have limited the price of all our cards to under a dollar (with exception of the commanders). Now everyone can join the Magic: the Gathering fun!

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