MagicalHacker – ⏳ Oooooh Baby a Tribal! – Angels VS Elementals VS Demons VS Humans – SLAYERS STRONGHOLD E09

Welcome to Slayers’ Stronghold! Today, we are whipping out the Angel soft for an performance number two. Will we be able to wipe away the competition? Or will our dreams of victory go down the pipe thanks to Click-Clicky’s Elementals commanded by Feather the Redeemed, Orzo’s Demons commanded by K’rrik Son of Yawgmoth, or Tondel’s […]

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The Nitpicking Nerds – Roasting Commander Decks | 10,000 Subscriber Special! | *All submissions voluntary; this is comedic*

We are roasting commander decks submitted by our fans for our 10K subscribers special episode! EVERYONE WHO SUBMITTED A DECK CONSENTS TO HAVING THEIR DECK ROASTED AND ALL PARTIES INVOLVED ARE PARTICIPATING FOR FUN AND NOT TO SPREAD NEGATIVITY. DON’T SPREAD NEGATIVITY. Use our Tcgplayer affiliate link to view/buy the randomly chosen decklist: The […]

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The Commander Tavern – Commander Cube Draft: Sisay vs Sol & Grusilda vs M’Odo vs Breya – The Stage [S02E02]

Greetings, everyone! Welcome to The Commander Tavern! I am Demented Kirby and this is the 2nd episode of the 2nd season one of the series on this channel, The Stage. This series is all about gameplays – hopefully showcasing some epic battles! This episode of The Stage was played with decks drafted from an online […]

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Most Color-Imbalanced Decks | EDHRECast 134

It’s *technically* a two-color deck… but there are 60 green cards and only 5 red cards! This week we’re sorting through the decks, strategies, and archetypes with the biggest color-skews in the entire Commander format! Support us on Patreon! Follow the cast on Twitter: @EDHRECast @JosephMSchultz @danaroach @mathimus55 Interested in writing for EDHREC? Send […]

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Commander Mechanic – Limited-Format Commander with Sheldon Menery 🛠 Let’s Do a Brew 2.6

#podcast #MTG #Commander This week I’m joined by EDH format founder and Rules Committee member Sheldon Menery to discuss Limited-Format commander – Box League, Sealed, & Draft – as the future of the format. We also discuss the exciting new Commander Legends set, Sheldon’s time working with WotC on the project, and look at our […]

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NeoRoyal – (EDH) Tayam Vs Kumena Vs Anowon Vs Borborygmos – Commander Gameplay Ep.19 (Feat. Chain of Commander)

Back on schedule babyyyy! Hope you enjoy this webcam game of EDH, there was a lot of work behind all those triggers! Also we finally have a stack animation 🙂 Thank you to Chain who saved me at least 2h by watching the raw footage and noting every action. It helped me a lot! Make […]

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[ITA] MaNa TuBe – Commander 1vs1 I kaalia vs kroxa Icenturion Commander

Centurioni vi portiamo un Gameplay unico e impressionante : Kaalia vs Kroxa Vedremo insieme chi avrà la meglio 😉 Se vi siete persi altri Centurion Commander Gameplay ecco qui il link per la nostra Playlist Inoltre ricordatevi che il modo migliore per supportarci è iscriversi a questo canale 😉

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MagicalHacker – 🐤 Twitter Giveaway Winner! – Ramirez VS Zedruu VS Tana & Ravos VS Brudiclad – GAVONY TOWNSHIP E65

Welcome to Gavony Township! Some of you might have tested your luck on my Twitter giveaway, but in the end, it was GodardHazard who won the grand prize: one of my TOP Patreon perks, LIVE Gameplay! After talking shortly about their Ramirez De Pietro deck, we take it out for a spin and ask one […]

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Commander VS – You’ve Got to Take This Hit | Season 21 Episode 7 | Best of Commander VS

For the full episode: Best of Commander VS Playlist: More Magic: The Gathering Videos! – Commander VS: – VS Live!: – Flashback: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow the SCG Tour on Twitter: Star City Games® is the world’s largest Magic: The Gathering retailer, […]

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MTG Muddstah – Iroas vs Kaalia vs Ghave vs Rashmi EDH / CMDR game play for Magic: The Gathering

►Like what you see? Why not subscribe: ►New videos every Monday / Thursday at 11AM EST (Eastern Standard Time) ►Click here for affiliate link for Alter Sleeves: ►Click here for affiliate link for TCGPlayer: ►Here’s my referral link for OMA: ►Here’s my Patreon link: This game is nearly 2 years […]

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