Cardboard Command - March of the Machine The AFTERMATH! #MTG gameplay | WNL96

JOIN US 🙂 Become an Official Commando | - Discord, events & discounts! 💙 Send us a tip | ____________ DECK LISTS Anri, Metalbrow | Rocco, Street Chef | Karlach, Fury of Avernus | Akiri, Fearless Voyager | ________________________________ PARTNERSHIPS and DISCOUNTS 🍁 Face to Face Games | - Code: […]

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Commander Mechanic - Can we UPDATE Old Precons? 🛠 Meren of Clan Nel-Toth

After the discussion Alan from @MentalMisplay and I had, here's our FULL DECK TECH on the re-build of 2015's Plunder the Graves led by Meren of Clan Nel-Toth Original List: 2023 Plunder the Graves Upgrade: Find Alan & Mental Misplay YouTube: @MentalMisplay Twitter: @MisplayMental Twitch: @MentalMisplay Tiktok: @MentalMisplay Sponsored by MOXFIELD: Check […]

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MTGLexicon - Game Spotlight EDH: Mizzix | Titania | Ultra Magnus | Obeka

This is a storage wars kinda game from one of our streams spotlighted for your enjoyment! If you like this video watch the full VOD here - Welcome to the Dive Bar of EDH and D&D, MTGLexicon’s non-competitive EDH/Commander stream mixed with drinks, friends, and other community members. Join us live each Saturday around […]

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Local Game Guy - Two Reveals & One Deck Tech! | Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth Livestream | #MTGxLOTR

Thanks to Wizards for providing the preview cards featured in today's stream! Looking forward to discussing these and the rest of Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth upon release! Need singles? Purchase them from TCGPlayer! (Affiliate): - Very excited to have my own set of reveal cards for the channel! As a long […]

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Gemstone Mine - Vhal's Azorius Untap Combo

It's tournament season again, and this week, we're taking a look at a deck people have been asking about since John took it to a top-16 finish at Monarch's Okotoberfest in 2022: Vhal's Azorius Untap Combo! We're breaking down the deck's combo, gameplan and mulligan decisions you'll need to consider if you want to try […]

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The Command Zone - Rachel’s Personal Commander Decks | The Command Zone 535 | Commander Deckbuilding MTG EDH

Support the show and become a Patron! Be a part of our community, receive awesome rewards, and more! -------- Show Notes: Do you want to be a brilliant brewer like Rachel Weeks? Well this episode is a great place to start. Rachel is doing a mini deck-tech and ranking for every list in her […]

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[FR] La Tour de Commandement - Le paradoxe de la ramp - La Tour de Commandement #157 [Commander/Magic the Gathering]

Bienvenue dans la Tour de Commandement ! Envie de parler un peu du Commander ? Vous ĂȘtes au bon endroit. Gagner du mana supplĂ©mentaire est devenu une course dans laquelle toute la communautĂ© Commander s'est lancĂ©e. Mais dans cette course, toutes les mĂ©thodes de ramp ne sont pas apprĂ©ciĂ©es ! --------------- N'oubliez pas de partager, […]

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Commander Cookout - Witch-King of Angmar Deckteck | CCO Podcast 375 | Commander Cookout | MtG | EDH | Lord of the Rings

We are kicking off Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth!!! Join us for our first #LOTR decktech as we look at a Wraith-deck, helmed by The Witch-King of Angmar, that has discard and life-paying sub-themes. It's a ton of fun and totally beats! Huge thank you to our sponsors, Fusion Gaming Online. They’re your […]

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Into the 99 - Tyvar, Toucher of Death

This week Slothy & Brian discuss the new Golgari Elf Commander Tyvar the Bellicose. Slothy definitely has an awesome elvish brew here that we dive deep into. Elves are one of those tribes that just has so much to offer, how would you build a Tyvar EDH Deck, is there any cards we missed or […]

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One More Game MTG - Free For All Brawl Ep 70 Inga and Esika Historic Brawl || OMGMTG

Can Simic create an absurd amount of mana and then cast massive beaters?! Is Simic just going to do the typical Simic Stuff?! Find out on this episode of Free For All Brawl Moxfield: Prepare to be Transfixed by the Unpredictable Magic of My Channel! Welcome, fellow disciples of Magic the Gathering! If you […]

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