MagicalHacker - Ep. 06 - When are controversial win conditions appropriate?

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Lotusbloom Gaming - Live Commander Game Play - Episode 2

Lotusbloom Gaming Links Below Magic Madhouse Affiliate Link Get your Lotusbloom playmat here!!! Lotusbloom Gaming Logo Playmat Patreon My Deck Lists Instagram Twitter Twitch Community Discord Support me & Buy me a Colossal Dreadmaw My LGS Cataclysm Games Site Music by Phill_Dillow from Pixabay

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Commander Mechanic - This 2-artifact combo creates a WORLD of hurt!

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Decks vs the Data: Lessons from Matt's Decks | EDHRECast 248

A deck can tell you a lot about the person who built it! Matt walks us through the origins of one of his favorite lists, how it differs from the average data, and the important deckbuilding lessons that were learned along the way. Want access to exclusive content, the Challenge the Stats spreadsheet, EDHRECast Discord, […]

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One More Mana - Compleat These Characters | Magic: the Gathering Commander | Command Center #135

The Mana Squad discuss some Legends and Planeswalkers they want to see become Compleated and join the forces of Phyrexia. Note: this video was shot before most of the MTGONE spoilers. Previous video: My Favorite Phyrexian Patreon: Into the AM Apparel (get a 10% discount when you use our referral link or code to […]

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Qcheffing - Got a Hexproof EDH Problem? - Underrated and Misunderstood MtG Commander Cards

The Best Creature copying spell no one in Commander plays can also act as removal, a political tool and create hilarious situations For its versatility and this enchantment has been seriously overlooked because it reads kinda weird let me explain More of My Underrated Cards : See it in action in this Gameplay Video: […]

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The Nitpicking Nerds - Underplayed Commander Cards | Cards That Deserve WAY More Play in EDH!

These cards are really awesome, but they really don't see that much play in Commander! They are definitely worth considering for your Commander decks! Use our Tcgplayer affiliate link to buy cards: Order cool shirts AND save 10% with our IntoTheAM link! Buying Dragon Shield product in the United States? Use our affiliate […]

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Not Your Average Meta - NYAM Ep. 89: Thraximundar vs Marath vs Kenrith vs Old Stickfingers #MTG #EDH #Gameplay

KingdomsTV - Burgeoning = extra turns #shorts

So many lands so little time. Watch the full episode here: Support the Kingdom: ► If you are going to buy cards use the code: KINGDOMS1 for 10% off your first order at our LGS Game Grid: ► Get some fresh sleeves from Dragon Shield and use our link too: ► Check […]

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Dungeon Learner's Guide - Ich-Tekik & Ravos (Junk Golem): Commander's Guild Deck Tech/Gameplay

Decklist: Buying cards? Use our affiliate link to support us on TCGPlayer: Support us on Patreon: Previous Decklists: Follow me on Twitter: @13poynz Send me an email: Check me out on Reddit: u/poynz13 Welcome to episode 98 of the Commander's Guild: "Abz-Artifacts." Every week I go to and randomly […]

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