cEDH Cast – Winota: Snowball Stax | Greedy Keeps!

Time for a very unique Greedy Keeps! Winota is a very special deck in the format, as it is not only a boros deck, but a very aggressive and explosive Boros deck that doubles as a powerful stax deck.

Link: https://forms.gle/yDqMUuaKakJTXWBX9
* Be a member of cEDH Cast and Mythic Society discords!
* Give us your Discord so we can reach out and tell you that you won!
* Only submit once 🙂

* 25$ CAD
* Winner will be announced on August 31st
* Winner will be selected August 28th
* cEDH Cast discord: https://discord.gg/pVJSzRC
* Mythic Society Discord: https://discord.gg/AdJbqn7

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