Combining Hobbies — The Deceptive Tribal

Hey Everyone, Kya here!

It's been a long few weeks since my last article! I've been out of town quite a bit recently and sadly haven't yet played any Battlebond. Despite my busy schedule though I've always been able to keep getting my game on! It's always interesting going to different parts of the country and playing the locals. I can't stress enough how other different EDHers behave and play depending on where you go. Of course I don't just count my EDH time in just playing in the local shops! Finding areas outside the typical shop full of hidden Magic: the Gathering goodies is always a fun adventure. Even in the city of Seattle you'll find Magic hiding in surprising areas. Who would have thought a Museum of all places would house giant canvases of Magic art?

Even when I got back to my own city of Orlando there was Mega-con waiting for me! Yes, the excuse to nerd out and have a second Halloween is something this girl can't ever miss. I didn't go anything Magic related this time, as I wanted to try out my new Assassin's Creed costume! Despite having fun knifing people from behind, these hubs of fellow cosplayers is also a surprisingly great way to get some games of EDH going with people you've never met before! What's great about a large gathering of players is these poor victims have no idea who you are or what you bring to the table. This means that first impressions are everything! Also, it wouldn't be much of a mega gathering of EDH if I didn't combine my costume with a deck worthy of the Assassin's Creed mantle!

Killing Through Deception

I know what you're thinking... another tribal? Really? Well I promise it's the last one for a while, so don't worry! Plus I'll let you in on a little secret... this tribal has nothing to do with being tribal! A true Assassin tribal deck shouldn't bring attention to the true danger. It should play the game luring poor victims into a false sense of security, only to back stab them when the time is right! Queen Marchesa helps us do that! You'd think as an assassin tribal deck I would want to create a bunch of Assassins by allowing others to be the Monarch. However that is just a Marchesa worthy ruse to my true aim... drawing as many cards as possible! The Monarch will help keep our hand full and expanding ever quicker into our deck. As we play our Assassins over time, our foolish enemies will think that we're just another creature deck. Our beautiful queen will play out as an Assassin deck, but what we're really aiming for is drawing our combos for a quick win! Not only is our true aim deadly, but she can be frightning by herself. With a bunch of Assassin's cleaning up the board for you, she can easily hit players directly. Those hits will build up until players are forced to worry about getting rid of her. As we all know though even if she dies, we still keep our Monarch ability!

Members of the Creed

We need our Assassin Brotherhood to keep the board nice and clean while we search for our combos ever so slowly. Having various creatures out that can kill any immediate threats keeps the focus on them as we hide the true evil in our hand. Of course after a few Assassin cards being played out in the near beginning, our other players will begin to get an idea of what they THINK our deck does. Heh... foolish Templars...

Of course to really sell the idea of being an Assassin deck, we really need to hit home with the theme! It helps that they're also amazing cards! Being able to murder any and all threats allows Queen Marchesa to hit players straight in the face, pulling the attention on her. Props if you slowly put your finger across someone's throat quietly as you cast these cards. Keep them uncomfortable! Psychological warfare works I tell you!

Cloak and Dagger

An Assassin is nothing without their gear and hidden banner! Keeping up our deception by adding even more Assassin equipment for our favorite little murderers with a cause! Coat of Arms can actually make your little creatures frightening if they're not dealt with quickly. Again it's all about keeping their eyes on the board and away from your hand!

Knowledge is the Real Killer

Now the extra draw might help, but we got to have reliable ways to get our win in our hands! These Templars will assume we are just grabbing more Assassins or their toys, having no idea what is awaiting them. More tutors, the better!

The Killing Blow

Wait! These have nothing to do with Assassins?!?!?! Exactly! This is what makes it a true Assassin deck, Muahahaha!!! You know these cards! You know what they do! And you know there is little to stop them once they go off! Adding Zealous Conscripts with Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker or Helm of Obedience with Rest in Peace out of nowhere will result in shocking faces everywhere! How did a bad tribal suddenly win without warning? What an excellent way to let people know not to underestimate you! Soon the stories of the little girl with the misleading Assassin's Creed deck will stretch out across the country until fear has struck the hearts of every player! Of course the true level of the Assassin deck isn't just the Assassin deck. This deck is just to put them in a false sense of security after you apologize and say you'll play a casual deck after the nightmare you just pulled off. That's when you pull out your chaos deck and with a devilishly evil grin explain the new deck doesn't have any win cons. That's when they find out what true terror is. That's a story for another time though...

Deck of Deceit

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Commander (1)
Creatures (25)
Sorceries (6)
Instants (8)
Artifacts (18)
Enchantments (5)
Planeswalkers (1)
Lands (36)

Closing Thoughts

I hope everyone enjoyed this oddball deck that was made out of random creativity. Just like the purse must match the shoes, sometimes you have to have your deck match your outfit! Does anyone else travel and play with others outside their local area? How do you start off a game with strangers for the first time? Is anyone wearing their commander's colors when they play? I'd love to hear your thoughts! I'm heading over to Dragon-Con this August and would love to challenge anyone to a game of costumes and spells!



-Assassin Kya

Never fear! Kya's here! Kya has been a long time EDH player and hobbyist. With an extended history of blacksmithing and 3d printing various MTG related items for fun, she has turned her attention to sharing her mad scientist brews to the public. Although a competitive player by nature, her aim is to provide fun and silly deck ideas to those looking to spice up their play groups. Kya is here to scratch that demented individual's itch for pure chaos and show everyone that a Warp World can be a fun experience! Except when you have a Hive Mind and Eye of the Storm out...

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