Commander Cookout - cEDH Thrasios / Tymna HOT BREWS -- Don't Call it a Comeback! | Competitive Commander

We've put this off long enough: cEDH is a metagame dominated by high-color decks, and this week, John sits down with Spleenface from Into the North, the Mindsculptors and Team Turn Three to discuss Spleen's latest take on a cEDH classic partner pair: Tymna / Thrasios. They say that everything old is new again, and Spleen has put a lot of effort into applying cards that may have had some initial hype that died down to *work* in this brew! If you miss the good ol' days of Razakats (or you're cEDH-curious and want to know what the heck "Razakats" is), then stay tuned!

00:00 Introduction
01:52 Introducing Spleenface!
05:04 The Commanders
14:16 Strengths
17:07 Weaknesses
20:22 Gameplan
22:23 Unique Cards
30:04 Razakats
33:44 Playing the Deck
39:38 Mulligans
43:28 Winning the Game
46:04 Interaction & Protection
52:24 Matchups
57:47 Silences on Legs
01:02:03 Closing Thoughts
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