Commander Cookout E52 — Strictly worse Anniversary

Hello and welcome to another Commander Cookout Podcast! This week, Brando and Ryan discuss a listener submission. You all know him. Ef you Joel! (@Diestobolt on Twitter).

Joel gives the guys a special list for their 1-year anniversary. A deck that's strictly worse than any other deck! Like, actually. Listen to find out.

Today's list can be found here:

Also, today was the day that we give away the Thraximundar deck, Dragon Sheilds, UltraPro deck box and dice. The winner: Kyle Schultz! The Pope of Podcast. Good on ya!

Onto the next giveaway; the come up with a nickname for Mark Niles giveaway! The winner, Jeremy Sutton! Good on you too. We will now refer to Mark Niles as Mark 'The Saskatchewan River Sliver Giver' Niles.

And now Jeremy has himself a few more foils for his collection and deck building! Big shout out to all of #CCONation for all their help, support, Patronosity, love, encouragement, etc. It all adds up to make for one hell of a year of podcasting! Giant ANTI-Ef you!

If you'd like to get in touch with the show, you can do so by sending an email to or getting after us on Twitter @CCOPodcast. Don't forget to checkout our Facebook page here:

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t always helps us out when you head over to those pages for more info/support!

One last time, thanks for the year of listening and support, see you in Las Vegas in June


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