Commander Cookout E66 - 5 Color Karn and New Auction Announcement

Hello and welcome to another episode of Commander Cookout Podcast! This week on CCO Podcast, Brando and Ryan discuss a super janky, super themey, super combo-y deck. Straight up classic CCO style!

You can peep the list here:

That being said, make sure you head over to our Facebook page to share and/or bid on the two custom cards we have up for auction for Wedge from @TheManaSource. The direct link to his

Go Fund Me can be found here:

And our Facebook page here:

Something as small as a like and a share helps out a lot as it enables more people to see their opportunity to help out a fellow in need. But WAIT! There’s more!! Starting today and running for two weeks, we have a Very special card available for auction.

Jay Sage of Sk0oma Alters ( has donated a one-of-a-kind, first in his 2018 Pink Series, custom altered Sol Ring for you to win! It’s the first in his 2018 Pink Series. An Ultra exclusive, ultra rare style only available once per year! Head to our Facebook page for the full details. It’s so sick! If you’d like to support the show beyond just listening, you can do so here:

It’s our generous patrons that have enabled us to launch!!! You can check that out now too! At, you will be able to find all the details on our latest giveaways, our entire backlog of episodes, links to subscribe to CCOPodcast on iTunes, Google Play,, our RSS feed and all other links to our social media platforms.

Coming soon, there will also be an articles section, a product/set review section and possibly even an online store. Check it out today!


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