Commander Quest - The ULTIMATE Guide to Zada, Hedron Grinder!

Zada hedron grinder can be built in many different ways, with many different commandersa and many different archetypes- in this video I discuss the different archetypes and commanders for zada, and the advantages and disadvantages of them.
It’s a bit hard to communicate that with a title/ thumbnail, but I did my best!
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I use the playedh’s power level guidelines find them here
Mirrorwing dragon is also very similar and builds with magda or tiamat can work to search it out, I overlooked this when writing the script since I was focused on zada, I don’t think these are particularly powerful commanders, but it’s worth considering
I originally wrote and edited this video with the intent of covering splice into arcane as an archetype choice, but it’s really just a trap so I decided to mostly cut it out- if there are illogical sentences or I left it in by accident, that’s why.
Also I think I made the sfx a bit loud on this one, oops.
I’ve made a lot of different zada decks, here they all are:
List of many relevant zada cards across many archetypes (good place to start):
Zada as commander, 50$ budget:
Zada ally flicker untuned
zada ally flicker tuned:
untap zada pingers
untap zada tokens:
tazri without black, unfocused
ink-treader nephilim as commander (not technically legal)
splice into arcane general tazri (not recommended)
old feather deck 100$ budget (technically no zada)
0:00 intro
0:10 read zada
0:26 explain effect
1:11 different archetypes
1:26 zada as commander
2:46 general tazri as commander
3:24 tazri pump
4:13 tazri storm
6:22 tazri flicker
9:28 tazri untap
10:49 clones
11:08 good in multiple categories
12:29 commander options
12:37 niv mizzet parun
12:42 kykar, wind’s fury
12:48 krenko, mob boss
12:58 krenko, tin street kingpin
13:21 feather, the redeemed
13:42 ink treader nephilim
14:32 zada decks are budget friendly 🙂
14:40 can be difficult/ slow to play
15:18 I’ve made many zada decks
15:33 outro, goodbye