Commanders Brew - 24 Commander Quick Takes | New Dominaria United Commanders

Twenty-four quick takes on some of the new Commanders from Dominaria United. Some are definitely more fleshed out than others. I would say there’s at least one joke idea in there, but it seems worth doing as a suuuuuper casual joke deck.

0:00 Intro
0:52 Xira, the Golden Fang
1:17 Verrak, Warped Sengir
2:25 Tor Wauki the Younger
3:03 Torsten, Founder of Benalia
3:51 The Lady of Otaria
5:13 Tetsuo, Imperial Champion
5:32 Stangg, Echo Warrior
6:17 Shanid, Sleepers’ Scourge
7:28 Ramses Assassin Lord
7:54 Ohabi Caleria
8:34 Jedit Ojanen, Mercenary
8:57 Hazezon, Shaper of Sand
9:37 Cadric, Soul Kindler
10:17 Bladewing, Deathless Tyrant
10:51 Ayesha Tanaka, Armorer
12:52 Astor, Bearer of Blades
13:45 Ivy, Gleeful Spellthief
14:50 Jhoira, Ageless Innovator
15:51 Jodah, the Unifier
17:19 Lagomos, Hand of Hatred
18:23 Soul of Windgrace
18:50 Tatyova, Steward of Tides
19:52 Zur, Eternal Schemer

Here's a TCGPlayer link to last week’s deck, since this would be just a bunch of legendary creatures.

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