Commanders Brew - NEW Takes On Poison Decks | All Is ONE Commanders

All is One gives us some new Commanders, and new tools for poison decks. We can't call them "infect decks" anymore because they're not the only poison creatures anymore. And we probably shouldn't call them "toxic decks" because that's already hard control stax's name.

00:00 Intro
00:30 First Blood Poison
01:41 Toxic vs. Infect
02:05 The Creatures
03:35 Equipment
04:08 Ria Ivor
05:54 Lurrus
06:43 Proliferating
08:24 Nethroi
09:09 Sidar Kondo
10:04 Enchantress Poison
11:52 Dimir Poison
14:12 Outro

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