Common Command - COMMON CLASH: Aminatou vs Sliver Overlord vs Kambal vs Ghidorah / Casual Commander Gameplay

Welcome to episode two of Common Clash! This series is dedicated to short gameplay videos of some casual commander. Today we have a great match with our players Mark, Edwin, Beto, and Frank!

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For the give away I thought I'd explain some more here. We will be choosing 6 random subscribers of our channel that comment on this video with their favorite Ikoria card or commander. The giveaway will last up until June 8th. The prizes include the following:
- A foil "Zirda, the Dawn Waker"
- A foil "Whirlwind of Thought"
- A Full Art foil "The Ozolith"
- A giant D-20 dice
- A pack of Dragon Shield "Dragon of Liberty" sleeves
- A Stained Glass Art Liliana, Dreadhorde General Wall Scroll
Good luck to everyone who enters!!

Music provided by No Copyright Music:
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

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