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Cut-Rate Commander - Episode 100 - Featuring Kellan the Kid from Outlaws of Thunder Junction #mtg #edh #commander #MTGOTJ #mtgthunder

Hey Folks! Submitted for your approval, we have our 4th Commander build for Outlaws of Thunder Junction – this time featuring the father seeking half-fae - Kellan the Kid.

In this build, in order to get the maximum amount of Kellan's ability to cast us free spells and/or ramp us, we'll be going all in on alternative ways to cast out spells - whether they be from built in keywords such as Adventure, Foretell, Suspend, or Plot, or by simply casting them for the top of our deck or from our opponents decks or graveyards instead - allowing us to generate huge amounts of value to outpace our opponents with. Then, using that value, we'll be building up our board with a gang of evasive and trampling threats to reliable get in for damage alongside Kellan - until our opponents fall before our superior value generation and our consistent damage.

Let me know if the comments below if you agree with my choices and/or what you would add to the deck instead.

Decklist -

All art used is copyright of Wizards of the Coast
00:00 – Introduction
00:53 – Commander & Playstyle
04:23 – Creature
12:38 - Instant
14:10 – Sorcery
16:16 - Enchantment
18:06 – Artifact
19:21 - Planeswalkers
19:58 – Land
21:19 – Breakdown
25:09 – Closing Thoughts

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