Cut-Rate Commander - Cut-Rate Commander | Most Wanted Precon Upgrade Guide

UPDATE: I am aware that the price of Grim Hireling is no longer correct in the build. It was at the time that the build was being made but apparently it has nearly doubled in the past few days between me testing, recording, and editing. Sorry for any confusion this may cause but by the time I realized this (when I was already working on the upcoming Felix Five-Boots build) it was already too late to change.
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Cut-Rate Commander - Precon Upgrade Guide for the Most Wanted Precon from Outlaws of Thunder Junction & its commander - Olivia, Opulent Outlaw #mtg #edh #commander #MTGOTJ #mtgthunder

Hey folks! Submitted for your approval, we have the 4th and final precon upgrade guide for Outlaws of Thunder Junction - this time covering the Most Wanted precon and its face commander – the slumming criminal mastermind, Olivia, Opulent Outlaw.

In this upgrade, we'll primarily be focused in refining what the core build already brings to the table - namely Outlaws that can reliably get in for damage to proc Oliva's treasure token creation, as well as ways to make more treasures and get more value from said treasures to get the maximum usage out of them. So we'll be adding in a fresh wave of hard to block Outlaws, Outlaws with treasure generation effects of their own, and that empower their fellow Outlaws to empower that side of the gameplan, alongside non-Outlaw sources of treasure generation and treasure payoffs to ensure further enhance our the treasure oriented side of our game plan with faster production and more utility. And then, once we've used our remaining budget to overhaul out removal and boardwipes to include the best entrants Mardu has to offer to pick apart our opponents boards, we'll be left with Gang of fearsome Outlaws that Olivia can lead into Thunder Junction and take it for all its got.

Let me know if the comments below if you agree with my choices and/or what you would add to the deck instead.

Decklist -

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00:00 – Introduction
00:44 – Commander & Playstyle
04:42 – Upgrades
11:07 – Breakdown
14:11– Closing Thoughts

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