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Cut-Rate Commander - Episode 53 - Featuring Miirym Sentinel Wyrm from Battle for Balur's Gate #MTG #edh #commander #mtgbaldursgate

The Ghost Dragon from Battle for Balur's Gate - Miirym Sentinel Wyrm - has finally been freed from her prison under Candlekeep and is ready to helm a build for us where she will be flooding the board with her dragon-flight.

In this build, we'll be using Miiryms ability, alongside clone and flicker effects, to get to get as many copies of dragons into play as possible. Of course, that means' we'll be running plenty of powerful legendary and non-legendary dragons that our commander will allow us to double up on to overwhelm our opponents with their sheer power, as well as plenty of draconic payoffs to generate us value or make them even stronger as they come in, then cloning those non-legendary dragon token (or Miirym herself to create a non-legendary token of her) or flicker them to get even more token copies on board - quickly filling the skies with might dragons who are more than capable of overwhelming our opponents meager defenses and tearing them apart with draconic fury.

Let me know if the comments below if you agree with my choices and/or what you would add to the deck instead. Also, let me know know who you would like to see next by voting on in the comments on the three choices of commander listed at the end of the video.

Decklist -

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00:00 – Introduction
00:49 – Commander & Playstyle
03:09 – Creatures
14:07 – Instants
16:55 – Sorceries
18:05 – Enchantments
18:47 – Artifacts
20:10 – Lands
21:41 – Breakdown
24:21 – Closing Thoughts