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Cut-Rate Commander - Episode 54 - Featuring Wilson Refined Wrizzly & Cultist of the Absolute from Battle for Balur's Gate #MTG #edh #commander #mtgbaldursgate

Wilson, the Beloved Bear Commander from Battle for Balur's Gate has found religion and, unluckily for our opponents, his chosen deity has blessed him and us congregation with powerfully dark magics to allow them to tear apart anything thier cult leader Wilson orders them to with unholy fervor (Mostly honey combs - but also the occasional planeswalker for that extra protein).

In this build, we'll be taking Wilson in a token focused direction - aiming to build a wide board so that our background doesn't accidentally consume our commander. So that means we'll be flooding the board with all manner of tokens of all shapes and sizes to build up Wilsons congregation - ensuring the our background has plenty of willing sacrifices to maintain itself as well as well as providing other "willing" sacrifices we can use to generate value and build up Wilsons flock even faster. Then, once Wilsons followers have swelled to critical mass, we'll be dropping powerful anthems to power them up alongside Wilson - stirring them into a unholy frenzy to tear our opponents apart in a wave of blind zealotry.

Let me know if the comments below if you agree with my choices and/or what you would add to the deck instead. Also, let me know know who you would like to see next by voting on in the comments on the three choices of commander listed at the end of the video.

Decklist -

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00:00 – Introduction
00:51 – Commander & Playstyle
03:19 – Creature
11:09 – Instant
13:24 – Sorcery
14:54 – Enchantment
19:14 – Artifact
19:36 - Planeswalker
21:46 – Land
23:26 – Breakdown
26:03 – Closing Thoughts